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January 30, 2021- Early planting in the late winter

Updated: May 12, 2021

The air is cold again after a few days of warm weather. I really hope it doesn't hurt the plants too much because I can see buds forming everywhere! Even the blueberries are waking up from their winter slumber. They love the cold, so I'm not too worried about them, but the roses and quinces are starting to show their little red buds now.

Planted a Yoshino Quince and an Apple Blossom Quince into pots. It was a 3 gallon clay pot, stones and grit in the bottom, and a garden soil + perlite mix for drainage. It should do well in there and not get too big. On the deck, it sits comfortably in the sun and will get indirect rainwater when the giant oak tree grows its leaves again.

This Apple Blossom quince that we planted bloomed later in March. Very beautiful!

Cleaned up the front slope under the bushes and the juniper. Mulched it up so that the next rain melts the leaves and helps add some nutrition. There's just so much clay. Going to get more Indian Hawthorne shrubs for the front to match the existing one we have now. Navy blueberries and pearly white flowers will be everywhere.

Bonus: Indian Hawthorne shrub

Cherries should be showing up soon!

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