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Nature Journal - We Have an Eastern Box Turtle Resident

Did you know:

  • Omnivorous Delight: Eastern box turtles display a diverse palate, relishing berries, insects, roots, flowers, eggs, and amphibians. This omnivorous nature plays a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance.

  • Fertility's Secret: Female Eastern box turtles possess a remarkable ability to store sperm for up to four years. This enables them to lay fertile eggs over an extended period, contributing to their species' survival.

  • Eye-catching Difference: Male Eastern Box Turtles are often distinguished from their female counterparts by their brightly colored eyes. While females typically have brown or light brown eyes, males sport strikingly red or orange eyes, adding a splash of color to these captivating creatures.

  • Ageless Guardians: These slow-maturing turtles attain full size around 20 years old and can live for several decades. Some individuals have astoundingly been reported to live over a century.

  • Homing Experts: Eastern box turtles exhibit a remarkable homing instinct, navigating unfamiliar terrain and returning to their cherished home ranges, showcasing their deep connection to their habitat.

Wildlife Garden Tips:

Attracting Eastern box turtles to your backyard garden can be a rewarding experience. Here's how to create a suitable habitat and protect these intriguing creatures:

- Natural Shelter: Provide leaf piles, logs, and rocks for cover, allowing Eastern box turtles to find refuge from weather and predators.

- Water Source: Include a shallow, clean water dish for drinking and soaking.

- Native Plants: Plant wild strawberries, violets, and ferns to offer food and shelter. Eastern box turtles' culinary preferences range from fungi and insects to juicy berries and lush grasses, showcasing their adaptability and opportunistic dining habits.

- Avoid Chemicals: Keep your garden chemical-free to protect turtles and their environment.

- Safe Crossings: Install barriers or low fences if your garden is near roads.

Helpful Links:

- UWP Eastern Box Turtle Fact Sheet.pdf

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