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Nature Journal - Bumblebee in the late winter

Updated: May 7, 2021

For one of my 2021 resolutions, I decided to draw a Nature Journal. I wanted to practice my watercolor skills and also appreciate and interpret our garden creatures in my own way. This bumblebee was my most recent painting. While I spent time studying the little thing's color and shape, I also got curious about how and where it lives. So I did more research on bumblebees and decided to also include some fun facts for every subject of my nature journal.

Did you know:

  • Bumblebees have an annual life circle. During the late fall, all the other members of the colony would die, while only the queen stays underground to hibernate. The average life span of a queen bumblebee is 18 weeks.

  • The queen wakes up in early Spring to find food and a good location for creating her colony. So this bumblebee lady that I found in our still-quite-chilling-March-garden is probably a new Queen!

  • Bumblebees usually live in the ground using abandoned rodent holes, and they may also use dry and well-ventilated cavities.

  • Bumblebees do not die when they sting. They are peaceful insects and only sting when they feel threatened.

  • There are 49 species of native bumblebees in the United States, and 17 in Georgia.

Wildlife garden tips: 1. Plant nectar and pollen plants through early Spring to Late Fall.

2. Eliminate pesticides

3. Provide and protect a place to build their nests.

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