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February 7, 2021 - How to prepare vegetable seeds

Updated: May 5, 2021

First round of seeds were sown today! Here's what we started with:

- Arugula

- Peas

- Tomato

For seeds, we use a 50/50 mix of potting soil and vermiculite. The vermiculite is light and airy, while holding in moisture so the seeds can get started. The potting soil is light as well, and has some drainage with the perlite that's mixed in. It gives the seeds a little bit of nutrition that should help them to have some energy to get going.

Following the advice from Gardener's World, we soak our seed tray in water. We do this by setting the tray on top of the water so it floats on top. Then we slowly settle it down further into the water so it can soak from the bottom up. This makes the soil wet, and allows us to water the seeds without splashing them from up top.

Editor's Note: One week later and the arugula have already started sprouting!

We'll thin them out later by putting the sprouts that have sprouted into a new seed tray and let those grow on. It's important to thin the seedlings, but since they have already grown, we don't want to waste them.

The seeds will get misted every couple of days, but it's been rainy here the past couple of weeks so the humidity inside the greenhouse has been maintained at 90%+, so we may not have to water as often.

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