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January 10, 2021 Our First Blog

Updated: May 5, 2021

This is the start to our first blog! Welcome to Momo's Garden - the home to our journey of, well, the back yard. But it's more than just our backyard. It's the play area for Moka and Maxie to watch and observe all that nature has to offer in suburban Georgia. We've spent the better part of last year in quarantine to clean up, fix up, and prepare our yard for wildlife and plants. Follow us and our story as we share all that we see and do!

It's cold. Very cold. In fact, I'm still shivering inside my house as I write this. But, today had a wonderful surprise. We've had more birds out at our feeder than ever before! Five Mourning Doves gathered together around our feeder and a small group of House Sparrows joined the party. The mourning doves don't go on the feeder, so they pick on all of the spilled seeds that are all over the ground. We even had a Red Bellied Woodpecker climbing his way up a tree to pick at bugs in the bark.

Weather report: Sunny, cold, and a bit cloudy too. High 43, Low 34

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