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Nature Journal - A Red Fox Briefly Stayed In Our Backyard Garden

watercolor of red fox
watercolor by Gloria M.

Did you know:

  • Even though belonging to the dog family (canine), Red Foxes are more like cats. They hunt alone, have excellent night vision, and have retractable claws. I guess we can call it is a Catdog ;)

  • Red Foxes have whiskers on both face and legs to help them sense the areas around them and move forward.

  • Red foxes have excellent hearing and smell. They can hear low-frequency sounds and rodents digging underground from 100 feet away.

  • Red foxes will keep hunting when they are not hungry. They store the surplus food under leaves, dirt, or snow to eat later. They might have multiple food hideaways in case other animals find the food cache and they still have something left.

  • A Red fox's tail measures about a third of its length. In cold weather, it serves as a warm cover.

  • Red foxes are usually monogamous and mate for life. When the mother stays at the den to protect her cubs, the father will get food for her and protect the young from the predators.

Wildlife garden tips:

Red foxes are wild animals and not suitable for being pets. Keep a good distance from foxes and never feed them. It’s also important to keep your dog on a leash during any potential encounter with a red fox, to prevent any unwarranted aggression that could lead to a physical confrontation.

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