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October, 31, 2022 Recovered from hot and dry season

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

It is finally cooling down. We are alive again!

We had an extremely humid, hot, and stuffy summer this year in Georgia. It was cloudy every day and a thunderstorm would arrive that evening - right after we got off work. Mosquitos were rampant. We could barely stay for over 10 minutes in our backyard. Both Matt and I are solar creatures who reacted poorly to the long gloomy workdays. Then it was very, very dry early autumn. We did not have any rain for a few consecutive weeks -- even during hurricane IAN, there was not a single raindrop in our garden. Our tomatoes suffered from aphids explosion. We had to refill all of our bird baths with water every day. Then there's Juro. The notorious Juro spiders conquered the entire of Georgia with their big bright yellow bodies and super strong gigantic webs everywhere you see and walk. Matt got two fly pads and a long stick as his "Juro kit" to keep the amount under control.

Our annual flower seedlings were a failure. We sowed them in our newly created side garden bed outside of our garage. However, we did not go to check on them often. These poor little sprouts soon withered due to the drought and were then given away by weed. Another fact to show us how naïve we were to think that you can simply sow some seeds and leave the rest to nature. At least not for these non-native tender ornamental flowers. We felt frustrated, guilty, and discouraged. We did not fix our mistakes but left the garden unattended for a couple of months.

Until October. Beautiful, stunningly colorful October. The air is crispy, the sky blue, and the sun is warm but not scorching. Suddenly a lot of perennial plants that went half hibernating are back. New sprouts shoot from dead stems, and roses rebloomed. Autumn sages light up on the new green background. Oak trees, hickory, crape myrtle, cherry trees, maples, and hazel trees turned into different shades of yellow, orange, and red. On a sunny weekend, we started to deadhead, weed, prune, collect leaves, and make compost and mulch. We also resumed Gardeners' world and caught the last few episodes of this year. I know it is a bit late to do much for this year. But it is never too late to restart and clean our minds and garden.

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