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Apr-22, 2022, The Magic Spell of April Shower

We were out of town for just four days. When we came back home, we realized that we have missed so much in this fast-growing Spring season.

We had our first rose blooming already: a beautiful Julia's Child yellow rose with a sweet fragrance. All four grapes climbed back to the Crape Myrtle wood trellis. Peony buds were so ripe that they may pop open on any day, any moment now. Lavenders also started to grow their purple flower buds. Our perennial flower bed started to be filled with early bloomers like blue Forget-Met-Not and Pink dianthus. The hummingbird reappeared at the beginning of April. Some of them must be our old friends, as they did not bother to move at all when we were just 6 feet away talking and moving around. My bamboo fountain worked so well that it attracted all sorted small animals to come to drink water from this little white pond on our deck. I was able to see a yellow-rumped warbler closely from our breakfast window. It must have just rained. Winter crops were getting so tall that I had to use a weed eater to lower them down. The beautiful hairy vetch flowers and tiny white daikon flowers swang lightly in this gentle light green ocean. You could hear bees buzzing happily all around. Hostas and ferns revealed themselves from a winter's doze. We forgot how many of them we planted. A giant hosta is now squeezing the space of an azalea that we transplanted this winter when we completely forgot that there was another plant sleeping underground. The label must be flushed away. This year, we have much fewer weeds than in previous years. It is probably because we have removed most of the stubborn perennial weeds and the soil is now occupied by grass, our new plants, and other wild plants that we selectively left alone. We also learned to get rid of the weeds when they are still young and before they seed. Just a daily routine: walking around in our garden, plucking weeds whenever we spotted something we don't want to keep. This way, even though we are constantly weeding, it is no longer tiring and heavy work. I don't know how time goes so fast these days. You blink your eyes, and another week is gone. At least we have this garden and we breathe the different air, sense the humidity and temperature, and observe the seasonable changes and creatures living their life in this little urban corner of the world. I know that in this beauty lies our time. It is visible, touchable, audible, and breathable.

My hydrangea cutting flower

Weather: sunny, H:81 L:51, Titmice sings non-stop


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